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Arrr !!! Welcome to the online home of CaptainSteve here in Perth, Australia. Navigate to the "island" ye wish to visit:

Arr !!! 'Tis good to see that ye hath returned, from . Grab-eth yer trusty and continue yer voyages.

I be sure ye doth remember how to navigate the High Seas:

After viewing my models, please make sure to visit the Piracy page for the facts (and a laugh), and also my Contact Page, where you can tell me a little about yourself and yer own models.

Thank ye fer visitin' my site and enjoy !!

NOTE: To mute sound-effects, click-eth on the speaker icon in the top right-hand corner.

ocean image for backdrop

The Life and Boats of CaptainSteve

Ship Sprite
Avast, Cap'n !! Thataways lie dragons!!