Queen Anne Barge

The Queen Anne Royal barge kit is a concept model from the Syren Ship Model Company. Although not based upon any specific historical boat, it is similar to the style of water transport as used by the English crown during the reign of Queen Anne, circa 1705AD.

Creating internal framing of Queen Anne Barge

Those that have been paying attention may recall that Our Hero had previously acquired scale-sized ropes (as well as other pieces) from this company, which he had used for his Bounty Launch build. It is run by a founding member of MSW, Chuck Passaro ... and Our Hero had followed this Master-builder's work in awe on many an occasion. Thus, when Syren released this kit, he knew he had found his next build.

Commencing build of Queen Anne barge model kit

By the time of this build, CaptainSteve had his patois down pat, and thus he wrote the blog accompanying it entirely in his very convoluted (and oft-times confusing) style.

"Whatever do-est thou mean ??", he began-eth. "'An Build Log by-eth CaptainSteve' were-eth one o' the great literary masterthingies of our Times !!", he blathered.

Ookay, CaptainSteve. If you say so ...

Laying the planking of the Queen Anne barge

Quite apart from this being a work of art when finished, Chuck really put considerable thought into every step of the construction process.

Queen Anne barge fitting internal frames

As well, he has utilized some very unique build concepts in the production of the kit ... from pre-spiled (shaped) planks, to the included build-board, pre-printed decals for the oar details, quality woods (a very nice change, indeed) and the finest laser-cuttings of any kit Our Hero has ever seen.

Queen Anne barge fitting cap rails

Unlike previous kits that CaptainSteve had built which force the modeller to work-out what the plans are trying to say - usually with very poor English translations - the instructions for the Queen Anne Barge come as a booklet detailing each and every step.

Queen Anne barge laying flooring planks

Even the floor-board nailings are present ...

Queen Anne barge fitting the stretchers

... although, somewhat hard to spot in the finished model.

Queen Anne barge rear seating

But, nonetheless, Our Hero IS a kit-basher (ie: someone who deviates from the plans of a kit in a - sometimes mis-guided - attempt to improve upon it). As such, despite the unmistakeable quality of this kit, CaptainSteve sought to improve upon perfection.

"... it be-eth but a wee thing, really" he didst stammer, most nervously. "Jus' a teeny-weeny kit-bash. Nothin' to be a-getting upset-eth about, Charles."

... and so he didst remove-eth the arm-rest pieces, attach-ethed a backing o' masking tape, took up his trusty pin-vise and were to proceed-eth to drill a series o' tiny, tiny holes around-eth the engraved panels, a-fore removing the centre sections and thence re-install-ething the arm-rests.

Queen Anne barge re-designing the kit supplied rudder

And, again, later in the build ...

"But then I be a-noticin'," CaptainSteve didst try to justify-eth his actionings, "that the Word doth state-eth ' ... and the rudder will not move.'"

At this point, Our Hero be ask-ething his ownself, "But, Self, why-eth ?? Surely, rivers and waterways be-eth not inherently straight !! How wouldst they ever get-eth home again ?!?!"

And, so, he didst set-eth about devise-ething an cunning plan; creating, a-first, an pin for the upper pintle … and thencely, an gudgeon fer the lower fitting.

But, in the end, all were to be-eth most goodly, as Our Hero doth explain-eth …

"I be most satisfied," CaptainSteve didst gloat-eth. "For me rudder doth - as these lithographs do-est attest - have-eth most full lateral movement, indeed-eth !!"

Queen Anne barge fitting the side panelling

Interior planking was cut, shaped and fitted before the decorative side-panels were framed around the supplied decals ...

These were then lacquered, to give them a pleasing sheen.

Queen Anne barge making the decorative carvings

It was then time to move onto the intricate external detailings which adorn the model.

These took considerable time to complete, needing to be individually carved from the supplied laser-cuttings. Fortunately, a number of spares were provided, and Our Hero needed all of these to produce a full set of carvings for his barge. As well as the side pieces shown here, there were carvings to be made for the bow, stern, and seating sections.

As an extra feature, CaptainSteve opted to purchase 24-carat gold-leaf sheets to overlay his carvings. This was a very delicate process, but one which really paid-off in the end, as the fitted adornments very much highlight the model.

"They be simply a-gleaming in the afternoon sunlight !!", Our Hero were to boast-eth.

Queen Anne barge fitting the gilded stern carving

The completed model is 24inches in length, 5.5inches wide, and 10 inches tall (with flag-staffs).

Verily, this build is the One that CaptainSteve would recommend to anyone wishing to try their hand at a ship-model kit ... "Though I be a-cautionin' ye ... care and some skills be required. It be not an easy build."

Queen Anne barge completed port bow view

Today, this model holds pride-of-place atop the modelling cabinet of Our Hero's friend, CaptainLee.

Queen Anne barge completed starboard midships view

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